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The Royal Oak Children's Choir (ROCC) brings together children of all backgrounds from grades three through eight to perform. Through a high-quality music education program, the students build a strong foundation of musicianship and vocal performance to become well rounded musicians. Singers take part in meaningful performance opportunities locally and beyond. They develop their musical artistry, foster meaningful relationships, and build confidence in a learning environment that is nurturing, fun and professional.

Aristic Director


Megan Poli


Board of Directors



Larissa Heap

Vice President:

Devene Godau


Stephanie Weigel-Hubler

Nancy Antwan 


We Are The Royal Oak Children's Choir

The Royal Oak Children's Choir began in the summer of 1997 under the name of The Royal Oak Capital Choir. This workshop focused on teaching patriotic vocal music and culminated with a tour in Washington DC over  Independence Day.

By 1998 the choir adopted a new name, The Royal Oak Children's Choir and began their first full season as a tuition-based group.

Since the vision came to fruition in 1997, the choir has evolved with the times. Our students have performed across the country, in places such as Colorado, Tennessee, Canada and New York City.

Our students benefit from learning not just how to perform, but to appreciate music and their community. 


ROCC strives to promote musical excellence, diversity, and inclusion through singing.

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